Welcome in Morasinsi, Vignaioli in Puglia. We are Morasinsi, young winegrowers in love with nature and viticulture. We make wine from our estate grown grapes with a commitment to traditional techniques whilst focusing on innovative practices throughout the vineyard and the winery.

Our vineyard

Cultivation is carried out with love and respect in a vineyard that consists of both international and native grapes. With a tight-knit group of skilled and passionate people, we are committed to the principles of sustainable agriculture in our cultivation methods. In campagna ci impegniamo a mantenere l’ecosistema vigneto in equilibrio, per noi fondamentale per la produzione di uve di qualità.

The grapes are collected by hand in crates and then taken to the cellar as soon as they are harvested, within zero-mile
Spontaneous grassing, to preserve the balance of biodiversity and the health of the vineyard.
Our Uva di Troia, in perfect health and quality, harvested in mid-October.
Our winemakers, are a close-knit group of experts and lovers of the vineyard.
The mechanical cultivation on the row, because we take a natural management approach to the vineyard, with no herbicides.

In the winery

After being harvested, the grapes are brought to the winery in small crates to be crushed immediately. The entire fermentation process is performed in concrete tanks and we adopt the technique of maceration on the skins for part of the white wines. At the end of fermentation, the wine is aged in concrete, in barrique or in amphora.

Picco della Vigna

Uva di Troia variety is located at the tip of our vineyard and is the most late variety of the harvest. In mid-October, when the leaves are yellowed and with the colors of autumn, our vineyard gives us the last production of the year. The vines are twenty years old and are cultivated with guyot and spurred cordon on a clay and calcareous soil, characterized by the presence of iron in depth and by particular hydrothermal crystals. The resulting wine is called Nero di Troia and it has unique characteristics: floral notes, tannins and great finesse. As per Apulian tradition, we combined Nero di Troia with Montepulciano, a grape with typical fruity scents and soft tannins. Together they form an elegant and sincere red, juicy and fresh in the mouth.The fermentation takes place in concrete tanks and the aging continues in concrete, amphora and barrique for eight months on the fine lees. Finally, the wine is left to rest for three months in bottle in order to make it harmonious and define its personality.We chose not to clarify nor filter, to keep the characteristics unchanged and give always different emotions to each sip.

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Bianco Puglia

The grapes are handpicked around the 10th of August. he soil includes a good balance of clay and limestone, is rich in humus and is characterized by the presence of crystal salts, which gives minerality to our wines. Fermentation is performed in concrete tanks and a part of the grapes are fermented on their skins. The majority of the ageing process continues in concrete tanks and also sees some ageing in oak. The wine is then aged for two months in bottle before it is released.
The Bianco includes notes of fresh flowers, fruits and mediterranean herbs giving an elegant flavour. The delicacy of the aromas are constantly evolving that offers new sensations with every swirl of the glass. As you sip and swallow the wine, we see great structure, fullness and persistency on the palate. It can be enjoyed as a fresh, young wine and is also perfect for ageing in the cellar for further years.
Our favourite pairings are with fresh and semi-cured cheeses, fish carpaccio, roasted fish and white meat and is to be enjoyed for the entire meal. Our favourite pairings are with fresh and semi-cured cheeses, fish carpaccio, roasted fish and white meat and is to be enjoyed for the entire meal. We suggest not to serve this wine very cold to allow for optimal expression and manifest itself in its complexity.
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The love for the vineyard and for wine is the driving force of our work.

Our vineyard is a living and healthy ecosystem, in which vine-grower, beneficial and spontaneous plants coexist and work in synergy. It is our beleif, that when nature is supported and respected, it gives us wonderful gifts: beautiful colors, wild foods and high quality grapes.

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